Rudy Tovar, MD

With family roots in North Texas dating back to the 1920's, Dr. Tovar is one of the native Texans in the group. After graduating from Jesuit College Prep, he went on to Alabama, South Texas, Tennessee and Michigan to complete his medical education. He returned in 1977 to join the original medical-surgical physicians group of Lewisville and in 1980 co-founded North Texas Ob/Gyn Associates.

Since that time the Associates have delivered over 12,000 babies (Dr. Tovar has delivered 6000+ himself) and have taken care of women of all ages for their gynecological concerns. He continues to practice full time obstetrics and gynecology enjoying taking care of patients he has seen for many years as they enter the menopause and new patients (many he delivered himself) as they start their journey with their babies. 

He lives in Farmers Branch with his wife Carolyn, and his daughters, Madeline and Maria. He remains in leadership positions at Lewisville Medical Center and in his Church and School community. Other areas of interest to Dr. Tovar include running, skiing and spending time with his family.


President, North Texas OB/Gyn Associates, 1980 to present

Chief of OB/Gyn, Lewisville Medical Center: 6 terms

Chief of Staff, Lewisville Medical Center: 2006 to 2008

Chief of Peer Review: 2008 to 2010

Board of Trustees, Lewisville Medical Center: 2006 to 2008, 2011 to 2014

Chairman Ethics Committee: 2011 to 2013


Boy Scouts (Troop 713): 1985 to present

School Advisory Council President: 2005 to 2007

Vision Campaign Chairman: 2006 to 2007

White Rose Organization Fun Run Coordinator: 2006 to 2012

Knights of Columbus

Jesuit Alumni Association

Medical Education

College: Spring Hill college, Mobile, AL

Medical: University of Texas, Medical branch, Galveston, TX

Residency: University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN

Fellowship: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI